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Default Transporting guns in a SUV in CA

What are the rules for legally transporting guns in a SUV or pickup truck which does not have a separate truck to lock things in?

(1) For example, you have guns in a closed cloth case (zipper closed but unlocked) and the ammo is stored separately in closed metal box (unlocked) in the back area.

(2) Same as #1 but the guns are on the front passenger seat or in the front foot rest area

(3) Same as #1 but the ammo is an open case.

(4) Same as #1 but stored under the seat.

In these examples, are the guns somehow considered "Loaded" ?

From reading this thread, it seems there are no consistent rules or rather the existing rules seem to get constantly redefined. It seems like the answer depends more on the interpretation or misinterpretation by LEO, judges, congressmen or lawyers.

Assume the guns no trigger locks and have no bullets in the chamber, tube or inserted magazines. Also assume you are not near a school or government office.

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