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I have/had a USP 9, USP compact 9, P30ls, HK45.
I sold the fullsize USP because i felt the grip was too big for a 9mm, i sold the P30LS because the trigger has a long reset and i would shortstroke the triggee under rapid fire.
I kept the USP compact because the grip is thin and it has a decent trigger reset, better than the P30 and i kept the HK45 because it also has a short reset and nice trigger and excellent grip for such a big gun. The ergos on the p30ls were awesome but in the end, the trigger affected my shooting more than anything. In all honesty, the USP Compact is the perfect sized double action 9mm and it can do anything a P series can do. Just doesnt look as nice but id say its more of a workhorse and has proven itself no doubt.
Get the USP compact used and you can get a really good deal and really great gun.
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