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I had all the ones you mentioned but sold my USP45 & kept the HK45. Reason was because the HK45 felt more comfortable vs. The blocky USP45 grip as I have small hands. Both were very accurate but the HK45 was a tad bit more accurate probably because I was able to grip the HK45 better. If my hands were bigger to be able to grip the USP45 better, I wouldn't be able to let go of it that easily.

I sold my P30L .40 but kept my P30LS 9mm & still have my VP9. Got rid of the P30L because it was fairly easy to engage the slide stop even with the slightest touch preventing the slide from locking after last round. It was far too difficult to adjust my grip to prevent engaging the slide stop so it had to go. No problem with the P30LS (safety helps prevent engaging slide stop) and VP9. Both are very accurate and excellent pistols. Tough choice between these two, but I like the P30LS better. The VP9 has a better trigger but I think the longer sight radius on the P30LS helped beat the VP9 in accuracy if you stick to the trigger fundamentals. If you prefer better triggers, go with VP9. If you know your trigger fundamentals and execute them well, go with P30LS but I say stay away from the P30L because of the ease of engaging the slide stop. The shortened slide stop helped but I still accidentally engaged the slide stop..
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