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P30's have a similar feel, some might say a little better grip than the VP9.. CalAlumnus is right in California you can only get second hand used ones and prices are high. Supply and demand. The USP'S are also great guns but a little older model. Check out the P2000 series they are good as well. As far as you original question the it depends if you want a Striker fired pistol (VP9) vs hammer P30. The VP9 has one of the best striker fired triggers. The USP series has a better trigger and you can get an nice factory HK match trigger for the US pistols. Good Luck. It's an addiction. I started with one and now have 5 HK'S and on Glock (34)

In California there are more VP9 available about $1000-$1250. I have and like the P30L but I also like hammer pistols a little more.

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