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Originally Posted by Wallabing View Post
Millions of them on ebay.

Did you not see what the OP said about the fools-err fellas on Fleabay selling them?

I am a believer now,

Guys we need to STOP making fun of the price gouging retards in the marketplace here and start making fun of these price gouging retards on ebay. OMG, Average price for a floppy drive of 5.25" is about $25 or more plus shipping.


OP why do you insist on obtaining one of these things since they are NO good by today's standards? It is cool to have an old car; I get that. It is also cool to have an old gun; I get that too. But an old computer is NOT cool. The only cool thing about an old computer is to be able to dress it up and steampunk it, but since many cases were AT and had a one piece shell that slightly flexed then painting and steampunking might not work so well where it flexes... But hey to each his own I guess. I would not do this if I were you and I am almost a certified hoarder when it comes to computer parts, office supplies, guns, ammo, ammo components, lead, precious metals, dimes, quarters, nickels, $2 bills, porn downloaded from the internet, movie cameras, digital cameras, cargo shorts, household cleaners, hard drives, lcd monitors, ammo cans, screws taken out of electronic devices, wires and old power supplies, car cleaning items, seeds, things I created in high school, newspapers, vhs inner city black cheerleader search tapes, microscope slides, camera adapters, pellets, hydrophilic sulphur, fertilizers, mulch, bug sprays, weed killers, wooden stakes, leftover building materials, core samples, wood screws, hinges, broken tool heads, mugs I created on Zazzle, plant catalogs, gun magazines, photo magazines, cables for computer things, adapters, ram sticks, cpus, jumpers, case wires, heat sinks, mountain bike tires, AMD/Intel Inside stickers, 2032 batteries, microSD cards, cell phones, HDPE piping cuts, sandbags, exterior freestanding shelving and clay pigeons; oh but no cats... I like to think I am one of the more reasonable guys...

I apologize, but your thread is about to get jacked...

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