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Originally Posted by bodger View Post
I just don't believe that ten years from now we will have the freedom in this state that is comparable to what exists right now in free states like AZ.
I think the laws in CA will change, again only because change will be be forced upon them by federal courts.

I do not believe however that the attitudes and culture toward guns held by the general populace of CA will ever be comparable to what exists in free states.
"Did I say "republic?" By God, yes, I said "republic!" Long live the glorious republic of the United States of America. Damn democracy. It is a fraudulent term used, often by ignorant persons but no less often by intellectual fakers, to describe an infamous mixture of socialism, miscegenation, graft, confiscation of property and denial of personal rights to individuals whose virtuous principles make them offensive." - Westbrook Pegler
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