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Originally Posted by bodger View Post
Pessimist, realist, optimist, whatever.

I give to CGF, I give to NRA, I fax and e-mail to try to stop horsecrap legislation. What I believe as I do that doesn't affect the impact of those actions.

I just don't believe that ten years from now we will have the freedom in this state that is comparable to what exists right now in free states like AZ.
I'd like for you to add (to the above bolded statement): I write letters, I volunteer for CGF functions, I volunteer to pass out fliers, I recruit people to Calguns, I offer to man the CGN/CGF booth at gun shows, I introduce newbies to shooting, I volunteer for NRA events, etc.

Not everyone can do everything. I understand that. I've a busy life, too.

But if we're already turning the tide, let's not rest on our laurels.
If we're losing, let's not go down without a determined fight.
Rest in Peace - Andrew Breitbart. A true student of Alinsky.

90% of winning is simply showing up.

"Let's not lose sight of how much we reduced our carbon footprint by telecommuting this protest." 383green

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