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Originally Posted by kcbrown View Post
Behind each activist (of any persuasion) you'll find tens, hundreds, or even more people who share their beliefs but are not as active in pursuing them, for whatever reason.

Want to know the numbers? Just look at the massive increase in firearm and ammunition sales that occurred after Obama took office. EACH ONE of those people is someone who believes at a minimum that THEY should have the right to own a firearm and to use it in self defense if the need arises.

Are you seriously going to try to argue that the number of such people is small?

Yet you obviously believe we have the power to win. Those two beliefs are almost directly in opposition to one another. So which one is it?

I completely agree.

There's no reason you can't be active and realistic all at the same time.

5 that bother to show up are worth a thousand who have "really strong feelings" but already committed to going fishing that day....
Rest in Peace - Andrew Breitbart. A true student of Alinsky.

90% of winning is simply showing up.

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