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Originally Posted by kcbrown View Post
Call it what you will. He's almost certainly right. The people who want to disarm us are very rich and very powerful. Their money and influence is their advantage.

We have our own advantage: our numbers. That is sadly no guarantee of victory, otherwise we would have won long ago. But it is an advantage.

It's an advantage we will lose if we choose to ignore and lambaste those who would tell it like it is.

Calling a spade a spade does not make one a quitter, and ignoring the truth does not make one stronger.

This is a fight we must fight in order to regain the liberties we have lost and to prevent the loss of any more of them. To win, you must know what you're up against.

Ignore that at your peril.

Yep. That's true regardless of your assessment of the progress of the fight.
Our numbers? Are you flippin' serious?

What numbers?

Of the people who've commented in this thread or in the other AB 962 threads, how many are ACTIVELY doing something?

How many have volunteered to canvass their local gunshops? How many volunteer to to ANYTHING besides the bare minimum NRA one-click email?

How many can be bothered to do even that?


We don't have numbers. We barely have a dedicated constituency.

Thank goodness there are people like Wildhawker, Hoffmang, artherd, Oaklander, 8-ball, etc who are willing to GET UP OFF THEIR BUTTS and do something.

I'm don't ignore the OP. I hope to encourage him to stop whining and DO SOMETHING. Sorry, but the time for gentle persuasion and hand-holding is over.

Now is the time. This, right here, is the place.

ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO, don't tell us what you can't.

We don't care.
Rest in Peace - Andrew Breitbart. A true student of Alinsky.

90% of winning is simply showing up.

"Let's not lose sight of how much we reduced our carbon footprint by telecommuting this protest." 383green

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