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Originally Posted by Nardo1895 View Post
Edgerly779's post on "Undetermined" reminded me of a question I've been wanting to ask. Didn't want to hijack his post so I started this one.

At my first DOJ inspection the field rep said I needed to develop a policy on what I will do when a DROS comes back Undetermined. She said I had discretion on what to do, but I needed to develop a policy and then stick to it. She suggested that just releasing to customers I know, but not releasing to those I don't, isn't a good policy. I think her inference was I need to be able to defend my actions if I release to an Undetermined who later commits a crime, and that I could fact legal issues from customers if I'm not consistent.

I searched this forum and there are a number of posts about what a FFL CAN do, what they SHOULD do, etc. But I didn't find much discussion on how you determine if you will or will not release (assuming you are a dealer that will release). There was some discussion about the customer smelling of pot or alcohol, and googling the customer name, but not much else. Anyone care to share with me how they determine if they will or will not release to a specific Undetermined customer? Also, do any of you have a policy on that?

We have a flat will release policy. I could see problems with the policy of releasing to some people but not to others so we knew we needed to decide either we release or we don't.

The state won't provide us with the tools to try and determine if the buyer is prohibited or not and I'm not spending my time or man power trying to play private detective . We are paying them with every DROS to provide this service. Once I get the NICS number then I am OK.
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