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Originally Posted by scobun View Post
If I were putting a safe in a closet, I'd lag it to floor joists if they are there. If it is concrete, I'd probably build a false wall and try to conceal it. I definitely wouldn't put a raised slab in a closet.
I have no knowledge about construction and just drilled and put anchors for 3/8ths high grade bolts to secure my three safes to the slab foundation of this house I own, built in '75. Now I am moving into my parents old house, built in the '50s, with a wooden joist foundation. This is a great house in one of the best neighborhoods in town. I don't even know about how the flooring and foundation will stand up to the weight of my big Champion safe, or even the two smaller Browning boxes. I'm thinking of hiring a construction engineer to take a look at the house and the details of the safes; weight loaded and footprint; and give me advice. I like putting safes in closets as it makes the safe harder to attack, and more costly to the crooks in terms of noise and time; seven years as a working cop gives me that perspective. Crooks don't like to make a great amount of noise, which increases the chance of detection, and time spent on the job is a matter of life and death. I'll bolt the safes to both floor joists and wall studs. That, combined with a really good alarm system, solid steel bars on the windows and gates on the doors, and a smiling black Chow, just might do the trick. But, I'm going to spend the money on the service of a construction engineer before I do anything, not even buy materials.
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