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Originally Posted by jt-cali View Post
If you have not been shaking your fire extinguishers, I suggest you go check it now. Even though they have anti-clumping agents, they still settle to the bottom over time, making them less efficient when it's time to use.

I initially had misunderstood this and never shook my extinguishers either. During our CERT training, we were told that sometimes you even need a rubber mallet to really shake things up. If yours had settled, you will know after thumping it as you will hear sounds like sand shifting inside and the thumping pitch will differ as it loosens up.

From what I've told by at least 3 service vendors that i have dealt with from the fire extinguisher service and repair have told me it's not necessary. Plus the two extinguishers that i currently have in the garage, I purchased back in 93', never had to "tap" them and roughly 4 years ago they discharged when operated.
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