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Originally Posted by Carsgunsandchics View Post
Don't buy one with a plastic head assembly if you want it to last. Metal head, and handle as they don't snap off when you really need them. Invert it once a year and roll it on it's side to fluff the powder. 5lb ABC extinguisher minimum, they run around $50 for a good brand. Halon is nice for inside the house but does cost a bunch more.
Halon is all but extinct now. If you still have one and use it..exercise caution before letting anyone else in that area until it is properly ventilated. ABC is a PITA to clean up but if you gotta use it..obviously you use it. In the kitchen.. CO2 is another option. Virtually no clean up. But you can also use a lid to smother a greasy pan on fire. Yes, you need to check them annually. Last thing you want to do is pull the pin in an emergency to find the thing is dead. There are even companies out there that will service your unit. Discharge it, clean it, refill/re-pressurize it, and you're G2G. My .02
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