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Unhappy Am I Getting My Gun Back?

I was told to post this question in this thread for a better response.

I would like to say Thank You to everyone in this forum. I love it when people get together and share their knowledge. I really appreciate all your help.

Here is my story.

In June 2012 I let my buddy borrow my rifle(ar15) to go shooting. He gets pulled over for speeding and the cop asks if he has any weapons. My friend being the good samaritan that he is, says "yes" and shows the police officer my gun along with 3 other guns. One of 3 guns happens to be loaded (NOT MINE) and my buddy gets taken in, along with all the guns. My buddy is not a citizen of the US, but he is a registered resident and he is allowed to own a gun. One of the 3 was actually his gun. (ALSO NOT THE LOADED ONE). The loaded gun was from a mutual friend of ours.

My friends lawyer says that if he accepts a plea bargain they may possibly deport him back to China. So after many failed plea bargains the case is going to trail by jury. So I have a few questions about this case.

1. What are the chances I am my gun back?
2. What will happen to my buddy? Probation? Deportation? He is a 30 year old accountant who works for Bank Of America, not a speck on his record. He is the definition of a model citizen (besides this hiccup)
3. I found a Gun Release Application on the California DOJ website. If I fill this out will I possibly get my gun back? or is it a waste of time/money because the case is still open.
4. How long do trials go for?

The county where he was arrested is Ventura County in Southern California.

Sorry for making the posting so lengthy. I tried to sum it up as best as i can with the least amount of words.
I would like to say Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and answer back to my thread. I really appreciate all your help. Every bit counts.
Please feel free to ask me questions or tell me about your opinions.
Thanks Again
Andy P
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