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Originally Posted by Kid Stanislaus View Post
Same old shibeloth about laser sights and the batteries running down, as if people don't have the good sense to replace the batteries on a carry gun periodically.

Just as Night Sights periodically need replacement I realize batteries need replacement. That was not my train of thought. I was merely stating if you leave the laser grip switched ON you should expect to drain the battery at a much faster rate. If you have it the switch in the OFF position I doubt you will remember to switch it to the ON position, and if you do remember to switch it will you have the time to do so.

tried to quote this part below separately but I was unable to do it right
[/QUOTE]\ Also, maybe you could offer a good argument to support your claim that laser sights are not a suitable substitute for "normal" sights.[/QUOTE]\

This is why I say its not a practical substitute for practice with normal sights. Again I like the crimson laser grip and have it installed on my Sig P229 which also have night sights. (BTW Last month I sent my gun back to Sig to replace my night sights) I practice with both the laser turned on and turned off. I also practice point shooting where I do not rely on my sights. Again I say...Laser grips are a tool and like any tool they have pro's and con's but they should not be used as a crutch or a substitute to sights.

Each individual needs to consider all the pro's and con's and then decide what is best for them.
Again this is just my opinion and we all not how opinions vary.
Keep in mind If you get stopped by a game warden or other LEO and you say "well so and so on CalGuns said that this was ok and legal" That warden or LEO is gonna laugh at you and cite you.
Advice here is mostly good advice but its best to familiarize yourself with the laws & if needed contact DFW. or local Law Enforcement

Always confirm it for yourself. Ignorance is no excuse.

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