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Originally Posted by sport.pilot View Post
Hmmm, If the perp is in your house and you see him or her and they do not see you, I would still think that would be viewed as immediate danger. All very interesting.
Just my opinion - if the intruder does not know you are there, he'd better be doing something that is a direct threat to you before you use lethal force. If you don't make your presence known (red dot to the chest/face, "I have a gun", etc) before pulling the trigger, you do not have what I would consider to be a strong case of self defense. Obviously there could be other circumstances that keep this from being a black & white statement, but I wouldn't want to shoot someone just for breaking in if they haven't threatened me or my family yet....what if he turns tail and runs instead of taking a single step in my direction? Not to say I'm not angry or wouldn't WANT to avenge my front door, but I am not justified in doing so in the scenario I'm envisioning.

I'm not a lawyer, this is just my personal opinion, this is just a discussion - not an incitement, insert usual disclaimers here, etc.
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