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Perhaps my tattoo, my DD214 & medals that I earned while in service are a lie too?

I served my country, you didn't...I would never lie about something like serving my country.

Now you are threading on thin ice...that is a slap in the face for someone who served.
I'm proud to of served my country when it called for me to go.

If I wasn't a vet, I would not belong to the American Legion, nor the Fleet Reserve ***.

Two military organizations that look at your military past, including your DD-214 which in case you don't know is proof of your service to what every branch you served in.
I am a Vietnam veteran, how come you never joined up and do your duty to your country?
And no any semi auto can be made into full auto. That statement was not implying that your store carries full auto.

Mike your a lair and like to twist things around...what are you Perry Mason?

Now you grow up...

Yes, it was my pistol as I paid for it...paper work is simply bull**** on the DOJ's part to control all guns...

Continue to believe your right but you involved yourself in a conversation that had nothing to do with you...nothing at all... and for this I'm wrong?

Mike get a life...mind your own when dealing with what other ppl say. Unless they are directed to you, which in this case they were not. It was a private conversation.

You have a warped sense of one can say anything in front of you??

Funny but when the seller and I went outside, he himself stated that YOU where wrong, and I was right. He did not want to go somewhere else to PPT the gun, so we concluded the PPT there. Otherwise we would of gone was the sellers call. And only because he came from a distance to make the deal. Tracy was half way from both our home location. I would of preferred Stockton, but he was in a rush. And yes, I've done business in Stockton, with fantastic rep-or on every ones part.

Technically you did have my pistol. As per the law, you are in possession for 10 days. So you held on to my pistol, you had my gun not I. Unless you work things diff then what the law is suppose to be...???

Every one has the right to diff views, but in front of you no one does...

I don't care what you say or twist around, those that where with me that day, know the truth.

And again, NO one said you had full auto weapons in your go and twist this around again....

This is the end for have shown what type of ignorant person you really are...

Next time mind your own affairs when some one is talking, if the conversation is not directed to you, mind your own business.
"Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius."