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Originally Posted by MyMalteseFalcon View Post
Gee, I "JUST" heard that you guys gave a Vietnam Combat vet a hard time a while back...

You told him he has no freedom of speech??

Gee, he went to war for this country, most likely went thru hell there then came back and has been going thru hell here, in the land he fought for.

In my opinion he has all the freedom of speech he wants, 'coz if it wasn't for guys like him that served this country, you guys won't be selling guns!!

And yes, any semi-assault weapon can be made to be FULL AUTO. Just buy the parts and drop them in, easy as pie.

From what I heard (lots of ppl are talking about this), is that what i typed in the last line is what set Mike off...slamming the guys gun bag on the counter, and tossing him that good customer service? OR better yet, is it respect for this man that went to war when his country called him to do so??

I used to come in and buy stuff from you guys, I've had to endure lots of phases of attitudes...but this one takes the cake!!! I know of a bunch of ppl that will not even look at your store anymore, let alone shop there...and the list is growing.

Shame on you for disrespecting a Vietnam vet, and I should know as I'm a 'Nam vet too.

But no freedom of speech? Glad your not my congressman!

If I was you guys, find this guy and offer him an apology, if your a decent kind of guy...


First off, I have to apologize. I did handle this situation poorly. That being said, I have the right to refuse service to anyone. I did not do that in this. We completed the PPT and he came back and picked it up, no drama.

Let me be clear, Vietnam Vet or not, this guy acted like a complete toolbag when he was here. Serving in the military does not give you the right to tell me I am going to go to jail for having the kind of store I do. I have two vets working for me and that has nothing to do with this.

He flat out said he hoped I went to jail and got my business shut down because all of the guns on the wall are illegal. They are clearly not illegal.

Im sorry his son had a rough encounter with police but it had nothing to do with the kind of guns I am selling.

As soon as I told him to leave he starts yelling about his "second amendment right" to free speech. Guess what? He DOESN'T have it in my shop. He then calls and insults to staff more over the phone. No need for that either.

He alienated other customers in the store by telling them they would go to jail if they have these types of guns and so on.

He is not welcome in the store. He went out of the way to insult me and the staff here, would not leave after being asked to, and made wild, uneducated, claims.

I could easily delete this thread and all but I will not do that. Like I said, I went a little overboard slamming the bag down but he pushed every button he could and more.

His freedom of speech does not extend to insulting me, my staff and my customers.
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