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Originally Posted by audiophil2 View Post
What changed in 2017 that allows CA FFLs to convert AWs into non AW's? I have been asked a lot lately to just split AR15s in half and forward to CA lately. Prior to 2017 that was almost always rejected by CA FFLs because they considered them as AW's in a state of disassembly/repair and not "un"-AW's. If I could have shipped them like that last year it would have been a much easier and faster process. I would like to get more CA FFLs on board with accepting disassembled guns but I do not know what PC to show that makes it legal to just disassemble rifles to make them legal.

If sending a disassembled AR15 is legal how is the buyer able to take possession if assembling for the safety demo turns it back into an AW if it is not converted at the FFLs premise?
The way CA DOJ has published new regulations is why this is confirmed legal now. They basically stated disassembled firearms cannot be AWs.

In regards to assembly for demo, the firearm would need to be compliant to complete that piece. However, many customers are exempt form the demo if they have a hunting license, CCW, LEO, or a few other exemptions.

We don't have an issue with split up for shipping.
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