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Heres how you clear this up. Take a picture of your base authorization letter, line out your name and post it. I am interested in seeing Col Marano's or Bgen Coglianese's signature on a document that states you are authorized the use of Personally owned AW's for "sanctioned military activities". They don't interpret 3-gun and competitions as a sanctioned military activity. They feel as if they are lying to the state about you using personal weapons for "official" training. You state that I haven't done it? I have had the endorsement of another 0-6 (Colonel) "Forwarded, recommending approval" on my written request for the permit.

The base issued a letter, CA rejected it based on insufficient justification. The base refused to issue a letter with that language based on liability to the base. The top enlisted and officers explicitly told me that they will reject future attempts at obtaining and renewing these permits.

I have notified Congressman Issa, and consulted with attorneys. I guarantee you, I am better informed on this than you, and thats for your education, not for d*ck measuring. If you received this permit by some unusual circumstance, you are the exception to the rule and will probably be denied upon renewal attempt. But this started in 2010 and renewal is yearly, so you should know this already, yes?

At Calguns, this is a a tight knit-online community of gun owners that face more adversity than most in the U.S. just trying to exercise their 2D Amendment right. There are many very well informed members here that are well versed in CA law that wish to educate the newer members and CA residents. Your skewed perception of the law doesn't become reality based on your interpretation alone. Why don't you pose questions instead of TELLING all of us we are wrong?

You are a Sgt with A Co. 1st Recon Battalion?
"I must study politics and war, that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy." - John Adams

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