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Originally Posted by G38xOC View Post
hopefully more swfa owners will step up . I have one in hand so let me know . I visit family member in rancho so we can meet up.

one thing I noticed in swfa scope .. the magnification ring is kinda taper . not sure if that'll be a problem . they sell aftermarket throw lever for it , so I assume its doable ?
They make more than one kind of scope, and not all SWFA scopes are the same shape. I think I indicated somewhere above that the popular SWFA SS 10x scopes could use a lever like this. Not for "zoom" obviously, but for focus on the models with the parallax adjustment on the main tube. The parallax is a little stiff and awkward to operate from the shooting position. And these models (non-HD glass versions) don't have a taper where the ring/lever would need to sit. Unlike their other scopes, SWFA doesn't offer a metal ring for these models. for some reason, despite their popularity.

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