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Originally Posted by Seaweed02 View Post
Hello everyone. I ordered some of the first throw levers for the 1-8x24 PA scope way back in February 2017 even though I didn't have a 1-8 scope yet. As soon as they were ready to sell and ship, so basically they were the first GEN levers. The inside of these levers are bare flat, smooth metal without a finish, while the outside is finished in a black anodized coating.

Now I just ordered one of the PA 1-8x24 scopes so I came back to revisit this thread and see how they are working. While reading the prior comments that I have missed I noticed that there is now a Gen II version of this throw lever. So I have to ask if there was a problem with the old version that I bought and haven't even used yet?
Hey Seaweed

The issue with Version I levers is that they did not fit the newly released gen 3 primary arms 1-6 scopes and the gen 2 1-8 scopes. The bumps on the inside of the levers were slightly off on the new scopes and wouldn't allow the levers to fully engage. In order to make the levers work i turned the inside and removed the bumps. The large lug and the fit of the lever still gave a positive engagement.

The Version II lever now only have 2 internal bumps and fit all the primary arms 1-6 and 1-8 scopes.
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