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Originally Posted by nicoroshi View Post
Oh, you can have a folding stock.
Just need a bullet button to be in compliance with SB23, and needs to be >30" long in it's shortest configuration in which it can be fired per CA's understanding of Federal law.

For instance:
This Tantal with Aimsmall's extended brake is 30 1/4" long when folded, and is equipped with a bullet button making it a fixed magazine rifle.
CA Legal

You can also fix a folder in the open position to meet the >30" OAL requirement like this Yugo

For comfort though I prefer the solid stock.
Between available solid stocks there are 2 basic lengths.
Warsaw, and NATO.
The NATO being slightly longer.
I am just shy of 6' tall but still prefer the shorter Warsaw length stocks.
I have tried the NATO length and found it more difficult to keep on target in a standing position due to the weight of the rifle being further from my body.
Suggest trying both to see which you like.
Thank you Necoroshi, This is very useful information.
Your AK's look very nice. The red finish is rich. Real nice.
Did you finish your AKs or have them done?
I would like to achieve the finish Waffen Werks gives their AKs
I'm wanting Black poly and will have to size up the two regular stocks to see which fits me. Folding and being able to lock it folded would be excellent.
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