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Originally Posted by CDFingers View Post
If the NRA employs a full time lobbyist, what has he or she been doing, lo, these many years?

Not enough. Waste of my money.

And what exactly did YOU do?

Wait don't tell me, I believe I know the answer already! You voted twice for a Chicago politician who as a State Senator supported a bill banning citizens from defending themselves inside their homes with a gun in case of a home invasion.
The same politician who was on the Board of the Joyce Foundation, the #1 sponsoring organization for anti-gun causes in the entire world.
The guy who promised a new AWB ban during his last electoral campaign and now has unleashed his lapdogs in the media to brainwash the masses to accept it as a necessary measure.

Yep, you certainly helped preserving the RKBA a lot more than the NRA lobbyist did. PM me your address, I want to mail you a check for your efforts.


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