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Originally Posted by Standish View Post
Originally Posted by AfghanVetOrcutt View Post
I just got out of 3rd brigade. Dirty Dukes. Are you going to 1-26 or 2-2? Those are the 2 infantry battalions in the 3rd. I was attached to the Blue Spaders (1-26) on the last deployment and on the first deployment 1-26 was in the Korengal Valley (think of the movie Restrepo if you've seen it. 1-26 replaced the guys in that movie and did even crazier **** than those guys.) There are a lot of knowledgeable people in both of those battalions. Let me know who you end up with, what company and battalion, I might know some of the guys if they haven't PCS'd. Oh and enjoy Knox, it sucks so bad. In winter there will be a 3inch layer of ice from Dec to Feb and in summer its so humid you can cut the air with a knife.
You were an MP with 1-26 inf in the korengal?? tell me more about this.

Kunar Prov, A'stan '08-'09, 1-26 INF
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