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Default Tough to resize pistol brass = Bad?

My press is mounted/screwed on a piece of flat board (backyard fence type wood). I can work in the garage or bedroom just C-clamping it on a table. Anyway just a few minutes ago, I was resizing some 9mm. I was having a tough time resizing and only managed to do 10 brass when the board mount broke in half!
The previous time I resized about 300 brass and it was not as tough as ones I did today. These are a mix of my own as well as others I picked up at the range.
You think these are bad or over used brass?
It was tough from the moment the brass hits the die mouth, I had to pull/push like 3 times to resize each brass.

Has any of you experienced this with 9mm brass?
I'm using a Lee single stage and carbide dies.
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