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Originally Posted by mscales5 View Post
It is correct, a FFL must keep a firearm taken out of inventory for 1 year before he can sell it again as a PPT.
No, it is not. The only requirement is that it has to be run through the business, which means that FFL can process it as a PPT, but it can not be brought to another FFL. There is nothing in the law which says that the firearm can not be sold. Also, the PPT concept is a CA issue, not a Federal one.

ATF does know what county or citie do or don't allow home based FFLs. I this is true from having 2 BATFE agents in the family. Now not all individual agents know this but the licensing division sure does.
The ATF knows to some degree, but the simple fact is that they don't keep up with recent changes. The information that they have might be in the past, not the present. Also, a person at the ATF is not supposed to give out information regarding areas in which they are not responsible, such as CA laws or local issues.
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