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Originally Posted by kemasa View Post
The first thing to check is to see if you can get a local business license. That is typically the main issue.

You can still sell your personal firearms and you can still buy them, but there can be additional issues. If you were buying a firearm for inventory, you need to be a secondhand dealer, but if you were trying to buy a used firearm from a private party for your business AND did it as a PPT, then you could have some issues.

Depending on how you are licensed can make a difference in what you have to do. For a Sole Proprietor if you transfer a firearm to your own personal collection and do not fill out the 4473, then if you decide to sell it, you have to run it through your business if it is within a year. Also, there is a requirement to log the sale of your personal firearms.

Please see:

The ATF is not going to know about the City, it is best to directly contact the City and ask (and hope that they actually know as one place I lived the City had people contact me to tell them how to do everything).

That is not correct. The firearm can be sold within a year, but it has to go through your business. While it does not really matter in CA since most firearm transfers have to go through a FFL, it is meant for other states where otherwise a FFL could buy some firearms, transfer them to their personal collection and then sell them on the street corner legally.
It is correct, a FFL must keep a firearm taken out of inventory for 1 year before he can sell it again as a PPT.

ATF does know what county or citie do or don't allow home based FFLs. I this is true from having 2 BATFE agents in the family. Now not all individual agents know this but the licensing division sure does.

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