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Originally Posted by Hollow Grind View Post
Mine's an '07, too. Apparently, the difference in slide stamps is the intended marketplace - P-01 for USA, Compact 75D for Europe. The gun shoots like a champ regardless of slide stamp.

rivviepop, do you know of anybody who makes fatter grips for the P-01? I seemed to shoot most accurately when I held the gun with a "deathgrip." I'm new to shooting, so maybe that's normal, but I'm cursed with big hands and stubby fingers. I'm thinking a set of wider grips might help.
Just picked up a P-01 a couple of days ago..just joined the forum today. I have not shot in about 12 years....carried daily in GA with a concealed weapons permit....sold my guns, moved to CA and have not had one since.

As far as the grip size goes...I am a newb, or at least a born-again newb...but the gun I bought was a consignment piece and it has a Crimson Trace grip on it which definitely felt like it fattened the grip up a bit from the standard grip. Might not be worth the $300+or- for the grip...but that is a thought that came to my mind.
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