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Originally Posted by SoundFX View Post
Seriously, you're not a very cool guy, are you? I bet people don't hang around you for very long. You're obviously very insecure, and kind of a turd. Good luck, you'll need it.

I have not posted any "nonsense". I've posted how I personally perceived the competition. Until now, I didn't call people names, or act in an ungentlemanly fashion. You can't say the same, Rk.

I can appreciate that things didn't go perfectly. I never denied that. But this is just ugly beyond what any perceived slight really justifies. I'm done.
I'm so uncool. Thats why I didn't even have a partner. Maybe its my personal hygiene issues.

The stuff that you posted is pretty ridiculous. From calling BS on Pete to telling Don to not post about what he doesn't know. You have no clue. Once you get a little experience you'll see that. I'm sorry that I implied you're stupid. Really. I don't like to call names but this pathetic excuse for a match has got me a little upset. If you want any info or help on upcoming matches hit us up. Seriously, sorry for directing anger your way.
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