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SoundFX, listen I don't think you're stupid. But you are inexperienced. I think the point is you're in here defending the guy and the match when you really don't know what its supposed to be like at a match. Bruce has no idea what he is doing, and that match as run was sloppy, unfair and frankly unsafe.

Come to one of the better run matches that have been around for a while and you will see what we are so upset about. Norcal, WEGC or APS. Any of them will show you how messed up Bruce's affair was.

This has absolutely nothing to do with who won or where we shot the match. Ryan is a very experienced and quite good shooter, not at all a person to come in here and throw a fit. Don Augustine has more experience in competition shooting than any 20 people in here combined. You really need to step back and listen to what these guys are telling you.
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