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Originally Posted by SoundFX View Post

They ARE. It's true. I'm actually really upset that people are so angry. I didn't know that this much unhappiness was under the surface. There was one guy who didn't want to be part of the group photo, he seemed really put out. But everyone else (at least from what little I saw) didn't appear very vocal in their dissatisfaction at the time.

I am not going to say that anybody's feelings are ridiculous, they aren't. I didn't experience things from their point of view. BUT, and I said this before, the BEST shooter in the group (not me or my partner) took it all with a grain of salt.

I really do WISH that you all had a wonderful time. I'm sorry that didn't happen. Perhaps the best thing to do is add some comments to the "Constructive Criticism" thread? I will add mine.
People have EVERY right to be upset. Put it this way man...I have not EVER seen a match get this type of flaming EVER. I mean EVER! The is no such thing as a perfect match, ask Don A...he has shot more matches than all of us combined.

That being said it is up to the match director and crew to insure

1. SAFETY...with shooters spread over 100yards there is no way in hell an RO can keep an eye on the line ensure safety.

Was there a medical evac plan given to the shooters? What if someone broke a leg on that extreme terrain? What if someone got bitten by a snake or scorpion? How far out were you from medical attention?

What if someone forgot their medication?

What was the nearest hospital to your AO?

Was a first aid kit made available and known to all competitors?

People riding ATVs and Dirt bikes in the impact zone? How about a HELL NO. You are shooting HP rifles with targets along a road. Seriously? No GO in my book.

Did he even have a permit to conduct a paid event on BLM land?

2. COF is fair and equal to ALL shooters. I am sure you would sing a different tune if you were the guy that couldnt see the targets that needed to be shot.

Two markers would of been pretty cheap and easy to put up so that ALL shooters could see the lane of fire and picked firing positions.

3. As little down time between stages and shooters as possible.

25 pages and 40 hours planning? Serious?

Gee with the format he presented...12 targets.

Each set of 3 painted different colors.

Range and engage Red Set. Range and engage blue set. Range and engage orange set. Range and engage white set.

WOW..could of shot the whole freaking COF in about 1.5 hours.

I just pulled that out my arse in about 5 minutes of planning knowing the set up he wanted to use. 40 hours of what? Coming up with that cheezy logo for his car?

Give me a freaking break man.

And now that Novadesign pointed out he was nice and comfy in his freaking lawn chair.....that is the cherry on top....what a joke.

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