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Originally Posted by Tacticalintervention View Post
I have a question or actually a few

Bruce Did you really not allow slings that provided support for shooting?

Did you refer to TIS Slings as a "Fad"?

What class did you graudate as Civilian 8541 from?

Did you complete the whole program?

Do you really think spotting scopes are not used in field by LE or Military Snipers?

Did you get a certificate form 8541 school?

Have you ever been LE or Military?
For what it's worth, I was using a TIS sling on my rifle. I simply removed the cuff portion. I really like your sling, and thank you for making a superior product. I bought it after seeing guys on Lighfighter really calling it "standard equipment".

I talked to Bruce about how important your slings are after the match. I believe it was a mistake not to allow your slings (in their entirety), in the competition. The truth is though, that all shooting was done prone, and having one of your awesome slings may not have been the advantage it would have been in a standing or sitting position. But, I'm a novice really, so please don't mistake that for an educated opinion.

Thanks again.

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