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Originally Posted by gtturborex View Post
What are the plans for the materials? Aluminum would probably be the best bet. A little more expensive but it will weather great and look professional. Have you looked into a local sign company?
I used to know the guys @ White signs pretty good back when i did prop management but its been literally almost a decade since i was in the graphic (purely) industry and have fallen out of touch.

I think ideally we'll want to get one of the alloy / alumn materials they use for like parking / handicap/ etc.. signs.

Painting - I've got that undercontrol. I have an airbrush and used to be quite the avid hobbyist ( aka i used to crash expensive motorcycles a lot so i became really proficient in painting and plastic repair ) so I don't think we need to engage a sign company unless we are after them as a sponsor (might not be a bad idea tho.... )
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