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Default Fun Shooting Targets

First time at this range and I read through the rules, no steel targets, no cans, wood, glass, boxes, trash allowed. Fruits and veggies okay, so knowing this I still have a few concerns:
  • how creative have you guys been with taking your own stuff for plinking?
  • Would I be allowed to bring my own frame made of PVC/wood?
  • Are 2 liters filled with water okay?
  • Tannerite or exploding plastic bottles made by compressed air?
  • Balloons?
  • Bowling Pins?
  • Ex-Wives?
  • Donald Trump Targets? (I bet someone just smiled at the ex wife gag then frowned pretty hard when Trump was mentioned
  • Are the target rules more lenient in the private range pits compared to the public rifle/pistol range?

Really excited to go out there tomorrow and hit dirt and possibly get around to zeroing my sights!
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