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Originally Posted by Nate Haler View Post
You are so far out of your league that the head spins. A .300 Win mag is a BAD choice for a first rifle. You have no idea that you "prefer" First Focal Plane. And there are high quality scopes under $500, let alone $3k.

You should find yourself a local mentor who knows his ***** from a hole in the ground, and start with a .223 or .308, with a $300-500 scope, and learn to walk before you develop a lifelong flinch and an empty wallet. Pardon the candor, but what you're contemplating is friggin' crazy.
You are definitely correct about the .300 Win Mag being a flincher of the first magnitude! Never shot one before, don't have a muzzle brake on it, don't have a sissy pad on the stock, you will learn a very hard lesson your first couple of shots, especially if you shoot them prone

I also agree about .308 as a great choice for first rifle if you want to shoot LD.

The .300 WM is definitely a pocket buster ammo cost-wise compared to .308, especially if you do not reload.
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