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I took my Sac CCW instruction from Wes @ LFI (ccwtrainer) about a month ago. Boy was it a blast and very educational. He covers CA Penal Codes, safety topics, and was very helpful and patient with people on the range and in the classroom. Wes doesn't believe that yelling at you and/or humiliating you will benefit your training efforts.

In addition to that, the part I loved the most in the class that Wes does a good job of going over the serious implications of keeping deadly force on you and what happens to you if you have to use it. He has some extremely relevant personal history, which he discusses with the class, and then asks people to put forward defined scenarios from either their past or hypothetical questions.

It is a two day class for CCW in Sac County. Day one is a classroom day. Day two starts in the class but we quickly migrated to the range. Wes does his day two class at Sac Valley Shooting center (the premier range in the greater Sac area IMHO). It really helps to have an entire range to his class.

Lastly, Wes has additional state's certifications which his class covers for their live fire requirements. If you guys want to try and get CCW permits for other states without having to take additional courses, check with Wes.

I really recommend Wes @ LFI, aka ccwtrainer here on Calguns, for your Sac CCWs. And I'm going to take further classes with him!
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