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Originally Posted by acegunnr View Post
Wow just got back from Front Sight. What a great experience. Facilities, instructors and course was first rate! Appreciate all the tips from everyone here. 17 year old son and I both shot Graduate on the 4 Day Defensive Handgun. That was one tough skills test and we really honed our skills and learned a lot from the course.

Front Sight is NOT going out of business folks!
Some additional observations:

1) One of my classmates sold 7 Diamond memberships to other classmates for $500 each. That seems to be the going rate there although I heard prices up to $795.

2) My younger son did the 4 Day Youth Safety where he got to fire a full auto Uzi, Glock 19, .22 rifle, Shotgun and Archery. Best part was I did not have to pay for any ammo! He said that all the staff was great and coming from him, that was a big compliment. They take youths from 5 to 15yrs but only 12 and up can shoot.

3) I spoke to the Instructors at length and they all were very positive and treated well by Front Sight. There was no low pay, low morale type mentality shown. Very professional.

4) The computerized registration ( works great. Online registration was straightforward, first day check-in was fast, the report is real time and it had my class results the following day. This will help with the large classes this coming spring time.

5) The Pro Shop was doing booming business. People were buying gear, hats, sweatshirts, jackets, etc. Lots of rentals and gunsmithing (sights/gun mods) upgrades as well. The new ammo supply, Stock Pile Defense was very competitively priced. I was tempted to buy ammo to bring home.

6) The food at the on site vendor Beach Cafe was good. You can order on-line or that morning. We ordered their box lunches the first day, then tried the hotel (Best Western) box lunch and went back to their box lunch as it was much better. Great mochas and smoothies as well.

Already making plans to go back next month or so for the Practical Rifle course.
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