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Originally Posted by AlleninLA View Post
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Membership Date: Mar 2011
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Next Course: 4DDH -Spring 2012?
Comments: In process to upgrade to a Diamond + Alaska membership. I was impressed with the facility and training provided. I am, however, disappointed on how long my initial membership took to be processed. It took 2 months for me to get info on the memberships I bought. I emailed to assign 2 memberships and that took 2-3 months to complete. I understand things can get busy, but when you run a business I would expect better service and response time. I hope my upgrade doesn't take more than 6 weeks. I'm also still waiting on my 'free' gun. I submitted my paperwork in late August. I've had to ask several times for status and each time, I'm told it will take another 8 weeks. That does not instill a lot of confidence on the how things are managed on the back end.
I hear ya on the processing time.

As far as the bonus guns go, there are several factors I believe they're not being forthright about. People are starting to receive their guns but they seem to be trickling out. Based on the numbers from the last two big membership drives that had bonus guns, I'm betting that the amount of guns they have to move numbers somewhere in the low six-digits. Methinks that Naish doesn't have enough liquid capital to move that many guns all at once and that is why they're taking so long. I submitted my paperwork this summer and still haven't received mine. However, several on the FS forums have received theirs after submitting paperwork in early 2011 (Jan/Feb). The "6-8 weeks" they're telling us is just to keep us from jamming up their email and phone asking where the guns are.

The short version: be patient, they'll get there eventually (though not likely in 6-8wks).
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