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That is one heck of a load you posted.Pushing a 1 1/8+ oz load out must be pretty substantial at 12-1300 fps. With a slug that big i guess their is no worrying about filling all the voids out is the case. BTW thank you for the info in your second post. While i am one that follows the book and usually stays a little below max when loading that was some very informative info. While analyzing the logic behind it, it makes total since. As i am sure you will agree that biggest issue of the 460 like other cases of its size is the sure volume of them when it comes too loading light bullets at low velocity. I am almost sure i would have to recess the 240gr bullets (below the case line) i plan to use if i even wanted to attempt this under loading of 296. This has been a great read and source of info.
I also like your screen name. It reminds me of the White Rabbit bottle shop at the Jack Daniel's distillery.
Thanks again to all for the info.
RIP ABBY. You were the finest hunting dog a owner could want.
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