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i bought about 10 mosins from big 5 and 1 from turners in the last year. problem is i sold or traded 8 of them . some i sold for monitary reasons, others i just did not fall in love with. i am down to my prize 1955 Romanian M-44 and a fake big 5 PU sniper. i feel naked. i for sure want a pre WW 2 91-30.
we all in our harts new the supply of big 5 109 dollar Mosins would dry up.just not this fast. it was fun while it lasted. finding a nice ex dragoon at a big 5 on sale was fun. i sure hope i can find another. i am tempted to go to a independent gun store and pay full boat for a FINN or pre war TULA. The 2 i have are good shooters and i doubt they will ever fail me in my life time but i need another for sure.
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