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Default Been there numerous times ... All great experiences

Just wanted to share my review and thoughts.

I have been to a couple firearms stores in southern California (numerous Turners, Island View in Ventura) and the only one I prefer to shop at now is Riflegear. My experience with their customer service has always been top notch, and their staff (particularly Brett, Mike, Sonny) have helped me through all my questions (there were a ton) and concerns in regards to choosing the right handgun / firearm.

My first handgun was purchased from them earlier this year (Beretta) and that was only after going into the shop at least 4 separate times and talking it over with the sales staff. I was never rushed or made to feel silly for walking in that many times.

My second handgun I got from them was a Springfield TRP (their website is great on the email alerts on in stock inventory). They had to do a single-shot exemption on it though because I really wanted a longer barrel since it improves accuracy. But after I received, I politely returned the barrel and asked for the stock one back since I did not like the way it looked after they installed it. They did a great job during the single-shot exemption, no marks or anything to the slide / barrel.

I also recently purchased another firearm from them. And the reason why I keep coming back is because of their great customer service and competitive pricing.

I only have good things to say about them and after reading their racist thread just a moment ago ... I can certainly say they are not racists as they helped me do a ppt transfer to a white guy and they were very nice through the whole thing (first ppt).

In conclusion - great staff / great customer service / great pricing / good inventory selection / not racist.

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