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Default Intrafamilial Transfer from Father to Son for Armed Security Job?

Hello, new to calguns so bare with me if this question has been answered already. Well, first off, last month, I applied to be an Armed Security Officer and my father told me he would give me one of his pistols as a gift if I got the job. Fast forward to last week, I got the job. So my question is, under "How Possession Was Obtained" on the Intrafamilial Transfer form, would I say "Gift"? Or would I say "For Work"? Because my father told me he would like me to transfer it back once I can buy a handgun of my own. So technically it is more like I am borrowing his handgun longterm. Also, prior to the Intrafamilial Transfer, am I required to have my HSC first? Thank you all in advance for aiding me in all of this. By the way, I am 19 years old.
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