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Originally Posted by HotIce View Post
Sorry to pull this up from the grave, but I am somehow interested in this.
I will be moving in CA with three RRA AR-15 (with BB and 10R mag installed), all marked LAR-15 in the lower, and for which I can provide some sort of receipt or email order confirmation which list a model name different from the listed ones ("Varmint", "Tactical CAR Rifle SS", "National Match A4").
The specifically-banned RRA rifles on the Kasler list (11 CCR 5499) are...
  • Rock River Arms, Inc. Car A2
  • Rock River Arms, Inc. Car A4 Flattop
  • Rock River Arms, Inc. LE Tactical Carbine
  • Rock River Arms, Inc. NM A2 - DCM Legal
  • Rock River Arms, Inc. Standard A-2
  • Rock River Arms, Inc. Standard A-4 Flattop
All the above rifles have a receiver marked "LAR-15" and the receivers themselves are off-list.

It appears your complete rifles are not banned by name for the whole rifle either.

What is the best course of action in case a discussion with LEOs comes up? Would it be better to say they are LAR-15 (kinda hiding info, somehow), or supply the receipt/emails which show different model namings?
By standard ATF naming standards, they are LAR-15. You are not lying if you tell them it's an off-list LAR15. Don't volunteer information either - most people talk themselves into jail.

This is an edge condition that 99.9999% of cops, DAs / DA investigators won't even know about. The fact this concern even exists is the fault of the casual way the Kasler list (11 CCR 5499) was formulated. Frankly, I (along with a few others) are probably amongst the few folks that think of these things - but I am paranoid and want people to know of exposure (mostly for those that somehow got one of the 'wrong' guns and wanna keep it legal).

If you have some LE contact and one of your guns is looked up, the cop'll read off over the radio/MDT the "LAR-15" sideplate info.

These guns may be depicted in the outdated Calif. AW Identification Guide ("AWIG", also called "the DOJ's coloring book").

Keep your receipts just in case, and CGF can help you as long as you're legal (i.e, if what you've told me above is true) The key thing is to keep your rifles lawfully configured - using a BulletButton maglock, or going featureless with a MonsterMan grip or U15/ExileMachine stock, etc.

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