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I do a 1:10 ratio...this is the only one that works well for me. I've been using this method for almost a year now and its so much cheaper to make yourself.

This is the only thing that has worked well for me for my .308 mil brass resizing. One shot doesnt even work as Im resizing with a small base die.

To make the solution more effective, I use a large plastic container with a lid, dump a bunch of brass into it, do about 5-10 sprays depending on how much brass I have in there and shake-n-bake the hell out of it. This saves a lot of the mixture because you're not losing any to a paper towel or surface if you decide to lay the brass on a surface and spray and roll the brass to distribute the lanolin. Try'll thank me!

Also, after I resize, I wet tumble to get the lanolin off.
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