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That appears to only be listed on the PSA-15 stripped lower. It's not present in the examples of the stripped AR-9 and AR-10 receivers that I just looked at. Looks like they've updated their policies, so good on them for trying.

I found their ammo section (none of these seem to be listed in their main FAQ) and you are correct that they've updated their policies for ammo shipments, so I will retract. However, they do need to update the verbiage to include FFL03 + COE. Seems like it's specific to an ammo vendor's license + COE. I will contact them to validate that. An FFL03 + COE is not the same as an ammo vendor's license.

Even more silly (not as asinine as CA's laws) is the separation of peace officer classes and requirement for duty use letter.

*L.E.Os must provide both their credentials and a letterhead signed by their department's superior officer stating that the magazine/weapon will either be used in the execution of the L.E.O's duties, or off duty. PSA only recognizes City Police Officers, County Sheriff Deputies, and State Police (including Highway Patrol) as L.E.O’s.

I don't expect them to know everything in CA's mess, but I applaud PSA for trying to make things right.

I will contact them re: roster exemptions. If they are good in that department then I can start recommending them to people again. I can't always order a firearm or item for someone, but I can refer them to other vendors who support CA.

PSA was off my list for a long time. I have not looked at them ever since they refused my AR9 purchase X months ago.
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