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Originally Posted by the_duck View Post
I would say your best bet is Turner's. I'd pop in and have them check their warehouse, if they don't have it, put your name down for one.

They have a really good relationship with Ruger, they always seem to get everything in good amounts, I remember being one of the firsts to get a 10/22 Takedown Tactical model, before people in other states could too.

Good luck, this is going to be a hot seller...can't wait to see one at the range.
Yeah, I'm a good 3hr+ drive each way as i'm an hour north of san fran. I appreciate the idea! It looks like sportsman warehouse can now order the CA version to be delivered in store so I may just go that route. Not bad at $529 as I wouldn't have to pay for a transfer ($75 for my local guy)
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