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Default Trip to Las Vegas with non-resident Utah CCW

I'm making a trip to Vegas with my non-resident Utah CCW next month. I was wondering if those who have traveled there can confirm whether my understanding of the laws is correct?

I can pretty much carry everywhere (barring schools and government buildings). "No CCW" signs do not have force of law, but if I am discovered and asked to leave, I must do so. I won't be drinking while carrying so that shouldn't be an issue. If I am spotted carrying on the strip, I am pretty much expected to be escorted off the premise (and if it's the hotel I'm staying at, will be asked to secure my firearm in a safety deposit box until checkout). There is no duty to inform, although if I am stopped by an officer, I plan to give my DL and CCW at the same time.

Is this accurate? Am I missing anything here? Thanks!
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