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Originally Posted by pc_load_letter View Post
YEah, that would be a nice alternative to shooting expensive 223 here in CA.
It'll also be something you can let a new shooter play with and it won't cost you too much in ammo. 9mm is much easier to reload or buy reloads when there isn't a panic.

Originally Posted by Jyruiz View Post
Hope they get it right, I hear a lot of problems with there .22 version. Maybe I will wait to build that 9mm AR.

Yea...their .22 version sucks. I just they get the centerfire version right.

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Originally Posted by Chameleon Loco View Post
I like the m1 for its .30 carbine round, my friend bought one at the ventura gun show and it is a fun gun to shoot. I just can beleive how much ammo is for it. Id prefer a current 9mm carbine thought like an AR-9, or PC9.

I like the PC-9 but they are out of production and it's very expensive to buy on gunbroker. The 30 carbine just an oddball, other 2 or 3 other guns shoot the 30 carbine whereas 9mm one of the most common rounds.
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