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Ruger will not fit the revolver with a 9mm cylinder unless it left the factory with one orignailly . If you buy a 9mm cylinder off of a auction site it may need to be fitted or it may just drop in and be fine, May also not work without the attention of a gunsmith witch would make it more costly than it would be worth . I have fitted cylinders in .45 but there is a limit to what the hobby smith can do at home. You need to know how to perform the tests to tell if it is properly fitted.
If you go to a gunsmith they can make one for you but it will cost you what a new blackhawk would cost.
Last i knew if you sent a gun in for conversion you had to send a note with it for the old parts , I would call and ask first .I would not send it to them for the transfer bar conversion to begin with . The conversion could result in the gun not being worth as much depending on current condition

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